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Doing It Together science: D1.1 Outreach Plan for Biodesign

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This report presents an initial plan and compilation of public engagement activities in the area of biodesign. It outlines the methodology used to formulate the outreach plan for biodesign, namely consultation of partners and feedback via forms and online conversations. It covers around 50 events from 7 partners. The report outlines good practices, analysis and initial set of guidelines regarding issues and lessons learnt from events organised in phase 1. In phase 2, partners aim to run a hundred events and WP1 will support and promote collaborative practices and public activities.
UPD leads WP1 biodesign. During phase 1 of DITOs it became evident that the term biodesign is used to describe a wide range of activities in bioart, DIY science, and synthetic biology. It is a term used within many disciplines hence there are different interpretations and some confusion about how the term is used within various communities. WP1 is undertaking an investigation for a working definition for biodesign.
The outreach plan for biodesign is deliverable 1.1 (D1.1) from the coordination and support action (CSA) Doing It Together science (DITOs), grant agreement 709443.