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Doing It Together science: D2.1 Environmental Sustainability Outreach Plan

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This report covers the environmental sustainability events of Doing It Together science. It outlines the methodology used to formulate the outreach plan for environmental sustainability using a survey and online conversations with the partner organisations. It covers 19 activities that have taken place from 7 partners organised in 5 categories: exhibitions, seminar, science cafes, workshops and online competitions. These activities are analysed to identify good practice procedures such as: having professional cultural mediators guiding participants; keeping events open; using free and open licenses for documentation and outcomes; promoting groups to work in common projects; and improving feedback via personal interviews and ethnographic methodologies.
During the analysis of the survey a series of questions arose: how to best acknowledge the contribution of the participants? What is the best way to report the experiences of the partner organisations, so that they can be useful for others? What is the best way to connect with policy and decision makers to establish citizen science and improve environmental sustainability across Europe? The proposed contribution to these questions is an information sheet that will engage both the general public and activity organisers. The front page shows practical information for the public, while the back page will show the ‘behind the scenes’ information that is relevant for event organisers.
The Outreach Plan for Environmental Sustainability is Deliverable 2.1 (D2.1) from the coordination and support action (CSA) Doing It Together science (DITOs), grant agreement 709443.