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Doing It Together science: D3.1 Public engagement

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DITOs represents a step change in European public engagement with science and innovation. The goal is to elevate public engagement with science across Europe from passive engagement towards an active process of developing science.

This deliverable presents the strategy for Online Presence and Engagement. The goal is to define and produce the resources we can use, and the methods we should apply so that partners can collaboratively communicate the project, its outcomes and activities of third parties and external stakeholders. We have created a brand identity that can be used by all partners to communicate the project in a cohesive and recognisable way.

We propose a way of analysing and monitoring the current and potential online participants in order to meet the goal of 1.3 million online engaged participants by the end of the project (M36). This involves the use of existing tools and online channels as well as creating new ones to increase the range of potential participants.

Within this framework, we have created the project website as an online knowledge sharing platform ( This platform went live on 1st December 2016 and will be further improved during the project. The partners need to populate the platform with events, blogs and other project-related content. This is scheduled to happen in the first quarter of 2017.

This Deliverable (D3.1) will be further developed in the reports D3.2 and D3.3 (to be submitted in M15 and M36); these will assess the success of the strategy laid out in this document and provide further refinement where necessary.