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Doing It Together science: D5.1 Terms of reference and evaluation templates

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An evaluation serves as a systematic and objective assessment of a planned, ongoing or completed project or programme, its design, implementation and results. However, in the context of the DITOs project, the range and operation of public engagement activities planned by consortium partners falls outside of traditional organisational boundaries. These activities are highly contextualised in their socio-cultural environments, approaches to design, and objectives and therefore they pose a challenge to traditional forms of evaluation.
The DITOs evaluation work package therefore focuses on determining the relevance and fulfilment of project objectives but also seeks to understand impact and effectiveness of the project measures. The results of the evaluation serve to aid and guide knowledge sharing at public and policy levels and, through iterative learning design, the evaluation also serves as a way for consortium partners to build on, adapt, and replicate public engagement methods and strategies developed throughout the project.
This report presents the Terms of Reference, which outlines the requirements and expectations of the evaluation and defines how the evaluation will be conducted. It also presents the evaluation templates used in phase 1 of the project, namely the Events diary, the Satisfaction questionnaire, and the action research interview guide. To illustrate the use of the templates this report also presents a preliminary analysis pilot in two levels namely, evaluation of the project and evaluation of the evaluation.