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Doing It Together science: D5.2 Phase 2 project evaluation

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The Doing it Together science project (DITOs) has so far engaged approximately 45 thousand people who have taken part in 200 events across the whole of Europe.. There have been 551,129 online participants. Most of the participants have been ‘extremely satisfied’ with the events. The majority of participants were between 18 and 35 years old and 49% of them are female. The events reached participants with a generally high level of education but this mainly due that the majority of the event during this period were hosted by universities. Future events such as the Science Bus are specifically targeting diversity and inclusion. The deliverable recommends further publicising and monitoring of events to these diverse audiences.

The formative evaluation uses the RRI criteria (Strand, R. et al., 2015) of public engagement, gender equality, science learning and social inclusion as described in D5.1. This document shows how the indicators were adapted for use within the DITOs project via detailed consultation with the DITOs partners. The most significant finding was that the formative evaluation process needs to be adapted to use indicator to capture changes over longer durations in order to capture the holistic benefits of engagement practices.

The ethnographic evaluation describes how RRI concepts have been traced empirically within DITOs events themselves. The result of this has been to identify how the concept of ‘responsibility’ can become specific as a local city issue. The ethnographic evaluation has also identified some tensions with existing community groups. The conclusion is to propose further monitoring of interactions with these groups and the facilitation of internal process of analysis and reflection.

Phase 2 project evaluation is Deliverable 5.2 (D5.2) from the coordination and support action (CSA) Doing It Together science (DITOs), grant agreement 709443.