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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a federal scientific institutionsituated in Brussels. Through its four major missions: Scientific research into natural sciences; Scientific expertise at the service of the public authorities; Conservation and management of scientific and heritage collections; Dissemination of scientific knowledge in society it is both active as a research organisation with more than 150 scientists and as a Museum welcoming more than 300 000 visitors a year. Its researchers are mainly biologists, palaeontologists and geologists, but also oceanographers, anthropologists, prehistorians and archaeologists, as well as geographers, physicists, bio-engineers and mathematicians, which enables it to conduct multidisciplinary research. Its main lines of research are Biodiversity and mechanisms involved in the evolution of life; Land, freshwater and marine ecosystems; History of life, the climate and human installations; Geology of Belgium and modelling the North Sea.

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