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Waag Society

Waag Society—institute for art, science and technology—is a pioneer in the field of digital media. Over the past 22 years, the foundation has developed into an institution of international stature, a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and has become both a catalyst for events and a breeding ground for cultural and social innovation.

The activities of Doing It Together Science are organized at Waag Society's Open WetLab: a leading place for bio-art, biodesign and do-it-together biology in the heart of Amsterdam. In a range of projects artists, designers, scientists, hackers and the public work together.

The Lab regularly organizes well-visited Meet-ups for their Dutch DIY Bio group, open-evenings and Do-It-Together Bio workshops. Beside that, artists and students can work in the lab as artistic researcher-in-residence and new biohackers are trained at the BioHack Academy: an international highly acclaimed course for biohackers, initiated by Pieter van Boheemen. The BioHack Academy learns individuals to build their own lab, create bio experiments, and teaches the basics of synthetic biology and critical reflection.

Waag Society will realize the Science Bus in collaboration with the other partners of Doing It Together Science. The Science Bus will hit the European roads in the summer of 2017 with a range of workshops on the scientific principles behind folk remedies. Find out more about the Science Bus here.

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