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Getting help with writing a policy paper

In this episode Waag’s Biohacker finally starts writing the policy paper. Luckily he gets some help from his biohacker-friends.

Why are we making a vlog on #OPENBIOTECH? Cause we are on a mission to get more support from Europe for the do-it-yourself biotechnology. Many people think that technology is a given, and that you have little influence on it. That is not the case at all. Technologies are invented and developed by people: us. Biotechnology is all around us, from the clothes we wear to the medicines we take and the food we eat. But for many people it’s a mysterious industry. And that’s exactly what we explore in this serie of vlogs. We want to democratize the knowledge behind this closed industry and #OPENBIOTECH for everyone. Find the complete series of vlog's on our YouTube channel.