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Science Bus is starting European tour

The European tour of the Science Bus is starting! After months of preparation the Science bus is packed, the oil is checked and the crew is ready to host workshops all around Europe. The festive start is taking place on the Marine terrain in Amsterdam on the 13th of July at 3 pm.

What is the Science Bus?
The Science Bus will tour through Europe bringing workshops and tools to investigate the world around you. How clean is the air in your street, and can you measure this yourself? Do you know what lives in your yogurt? And how can you charge your phone when there is no socket around? We want to find the answers on these questions (and more!), with you!

Until November 2017 the Science Bus will travel through Europe in search of folk remedies. A folk remedy is an everyday trick or ‘life hack’ that everyone can use to make or fix just about anything. Some of this knowledge might have been around for hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of years.

Why are we on a hunt for folk remedies? We’d like to put them to the test! How do these remedies work? What are the ingredients? What are the scientific principles behind them? And what can we do to improve them? By combining old knowledge with new technologies we want to make these clever folk remedies accessible to everyone.

The Science Bus is hosting workshops all around Europe to engage curious minds and encourage people to share their life hacks. The Science Bus stops at festivals, campsites and marketplaces. In the workshops our captains investigate these folk remedies with you. They bring along handy instructions and Do-It-Yourself (research) tools for you to build simple scientific instruments. This is science for everyone!

Why is this important?
More and more we live in a passive, consumption-oriented society. We do not know exactly what we eat, where our product are made (off), what is right or wrong and what our options are. The Science Bus hits the road to raise questions, encourage critical thinking and investigate our daily environment together. With this we want as many people as possible to experience making things yourself and gathering knowledge is not only easy but also fun!