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The Science Bus
Hunting & gathering folk remedies
From London to Zagreb

What’s the best way to remove stains from your clothes? How do you make your own sunscreen? Can I measure water quality? And are there some forgotten tricks for these age old problems that we could use today?

The Science Bus goes on hunt through Europe to ask the local population for their folk remedies that time forgot. We’d like to put them to the test! How do these recipes work, what are the ingredients, what are the scientific principles behind it and can we improve them?

The Science Bus hits the road with simple DIY research tools that you can use to map the world around you. Science for everyone, in which everyday, ancient or crafted knowledge becomes the research subject. The experiments we undertake in the Science Bus aim to peak curiosity about the everyday and encourage inquiring minds.

What will we do?
The Science Bus will hit the road with a range of workshops on the scientific principles behind these old remedies. We’ll pack up our handy ‘instructables’ and bring materials along to help participants build their own scientific instruments. Once on locations, we’ll invite locals to bring their DIY-recipes that we can examine in the Science Bus. Experts will help beginners get started.

DIY Science
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement is based on empowerment, ownership and the desire to invent your own solutions to problems. With technology becoming cheaper, it is becoming easier for people to do research and carry out small scientific experiments themselves. DIY research is possible due to cheap sensors, smart phones or homemade instruments. The Science Bus is on a mission to gather, investigate and share the valuable knowledge of citizens from the DIY-scene in Europe.

Everyone can join
To participate you only need one thing: enthousiasme to explore and investigate. Experience nor technical knowledge is required. So, whether you’re 8 or 80, you can join us as we delve into the exciting world of scientific exploration. The activities of the Science Bus are accessible to any age, background or nationality.

The Science Bus will pull out starting July, 2017 and stay on the road for three months. During this period the Science Bus will make stops in at least 12 locations across Europe (with emphasis on rural areas). The exact route of the bus is still being drawn up.

Become a partner
To maximize our reach with the Science Bus program, we’re on the lookout for local partners throughout Europe. From these partners, we’ll need help reaching both the locals and the media. And, of course our crew will need support in hosting workshops and events. Are you or do you know a suitable partner? Please send us an email or fill in the contact form below.