Past Events

Congrès des élèves chercheurs Savanturiers.

Scientific workshop for children

  • Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, France
  • Game-related events

EU Green Week Session: "Making our cities green with citizen science"

A workshop on citizen science and green cities as part of EU Green Week.

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Workshop

Capacity building workshop on using soft systems methodology

Workshop on using Rich Picture element of soft systems methodology to explore the integration of environmental citizen science into environmental policy.

  • The New Room, Wesley Hotel, London, United Kingdom
  • Workshop

Policy Roundtable on the Integration of Environmental Citizen Science into Environmental Policy

Identifying opportunities, barriers, disruptions, & social innovation in integrating environmental citizen science in policy: road map for the next decade

  • The New Room, Wesley Hotel, London, United Kingdom
  • Workshop

Citizen Science Seminar 2 (Phase 2)

Seminar within Interactivos?'18 where we talk about waste and garbage from a wide perspective

  • Medialab Prado, Spain
  • Seminar/Talk

Discovery Trip to London: Integrating Citizen Science into Environmental Policy

A short programme for international decision makers to align UK and international practices and guidelines on environmental policy.

  • UCL London, UK
  • Conference

Public Lab Workshop in Ireland: Early Spring

Sharing the tools and techniques for DIY aerial mapping with small-scale farmers, river keepers, and other environmental stewards in Ireland

  • Workshop

City Nature Challenge 2018

The City Nature Challenge is a multi-city, multi-day bioblitz where multiple urban areas try to observe the most species.

  • BioBlitz