Past Events

Env. Science Café #4: Build air quality meter for rent-a-meter

How citizens can monitor air quality? - building DIY air quality meters.

  • Hackerspace Silesia, Poland
  • Science cafe

Capacity building workshop on DITOs escalator model

Building the capacity of DITOs team members to learn the escalator model and replicate it in the design of their own events

  • UCL London, UK
  • Workshop

Biodesign Nightscience 2018

A series of talks, an exhibition and a hackathon on Biodesign that bring together researchers, hackers, education innovators and citizens

  • La Paillasse, France
  • Conference

Capacity building workshop between UCL and UDP on evaluation

Capacity building workshop between UCL and UDP on evaluation methodologies and approaches.

  • La Paillasse, France
  • Workshop

Tavola rotonda "Verso una strategia condivisa per la Citizen Science in Italia"

A roundtable for national stakeholders to guide the process towards developing a national strategy for the implementation of citizen science in Italy.

  • Academy Library in Villa Torlonia, Roma, Italy
  • Workshop

Italian Round Table on Citizen Science

An interactive 2 days on citizen science, including a discovery trip and a tour of the Museum of Natural History in Maremma.

  • Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma, Italy
  • Conference

Discovery Trip: Capacity Building for Italian Citizen Science

Field trip for key European citizen science practitioners to share insights towards Italian National Citizen Science Strategy.

  • Rome, Italy, Italy
  • Workshop

Exhibition BioHack Academy #5

This exhibition shows all final projects of the student of this years BioHack Academy that started January 2018 at Waag.

  • Waag Society Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Workshop