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BioBlitz in Leopold Park

"BioBlitz in Leopold Park" is a follow-up of how biodiversity has changed - and hopefully increased - in a park located in the heart of Brussels, since the revegetation of the pond and set up of a flowery meadow in 2015. After a short introduction of sampling techniques and insect ecology by scientists, 20 citizens are invited to collect insects at the bank of the pond, in the meadow, and in other locations of the park. This participatory event aims at raising citizens awareness about biodiversity in the city.

A concerted effort to discover and record as many living things as possible within a set location over a limited time period. This type of biodiversity monitoring activity engages large local audiences and in addition to the scientific aims – species recording and discovery – also aims at increasing scientific literacy and education. We use this category here to describe activities called BioBlitz as well as other short-term environmental monitoring activities.