Freaktion Bar #10

People have been living with plants for a very long time, but the levels of coexistence between our bodies and plants have become clear only recently, after centuries of experience and contemporary scientific discoveries and technologies. The ethics of plants, the mental intercognition between people and plants, lateral symbiosis between plant and somatic cells and the ecosystem codependence of microbiomes are only a few fields that appear in the projects of contemporary investigative art, where opportunities for non-rationalistic perception of the plant-like within us emerge. The projects 'Kinetic garden' + 'Nose patrol' by the Dutch artist Christiaan Zwanikken on show in the Kapelica Gallery served as a content frame in the form of a scientific café, in which we hosted the artist as well as the aromatherapist Melani Kovač. Within the relaxed atmosphere of the Freaktion bar we will discuss the cohabitation with plants beyond the nutritional and recreational needs of the human animal.