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Capacity Building Workshop for BioBlitz organisers

This 1-day workshop, organised by ECSA in collaboration with members of the BioBlitz Task & Finish group and with support from DITOs, aims to reflect on best practices, to discuss challenges and opportunities, and to compare the different approaches adopted for organising a BioBlitz.

Participants will explore the potential applications of this approach, limitations and opportunities provided by available technologies, and particular focus will be placed on identifying practical resolutions for enhancing potential of BioBlitz to achieve a wide range of desirable outcomes (i.e. how to ensure a balance between public engagement, science education and collection of good quality data; how to retain volunteers after participation; how to mobilize data for science and policy making). Through the sharing of best practice and the exchange of experiences between stakeholders from different countries, the workshop expects to contribute to the development of the BioBlitz event format in Europe.

Participation in this 1-day workshop is recommended for people with experience in BioBlitz organisation or alike biological surveying events. Priority for participation will be given to members of the ECSA BioBlitz Task & Finish group.

The agenda for this event can be found here.