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Capacity building workshop on 'How do we communicate science?' - DITOs facilitator's exchanges series MLP <-> Waag

How do we communicate science? In this session we partner two members from DITOs organisations to learn from each other and discuss the different and subtle ways we share and create the spaces for science communication. This topic will be discussed with several partners through in-depth one-on-one exchanges to ideas and good practice.
Specific questions discussed:
How are we (DITO’s partners) actually and currently communicating science (CS)? In your own current practice...
1) Are outreach activities different from CS activities? (do you separate them - if so why?)
2) Are CS activities ways of communicating science? If so, how?
3) How do you communicate results from your CS activities? Does this constitute science?
4) How do you manage expectations when communicating science? (e.g. to avoid misunderstanding)
5) If you had the chance in front of an audience of professionals of science communicators, what would you ask/what advice would you seek from them?
Any other questions relevant to science communication?

Anyone wishing to participate or interested in the outcomes of the exchanges please contact

Image: Idea by Stefano Vetere from the Noun Project